Lexus models are susceptible to wear and tear after an extended period of use. They will require repairs and maintenance for their long-term sustainability. Oil changes are one of the most important service tasks you will need to carry out throughout your vehicle lifespan. Lexus owners sometimes overlook regular oil changes, but if ignored for long, it may lead to reduced engine performance and, ultimately, engine failure.

Oil is essential to the proper functioning of your Lexus engine. The primary function of oil is to lubricate all the moving metal components in your car engine, thereby minimizing friction and reducing component wear. Hence, oil ensures that the car engine’s crankshaft assembly, valves, connecting rods, gear trains, pistons, and other moving components are effectively working.

The Importance of Regular Oil Change

Aside from the lubrication of the engine, regular oil change offers much more benefits to your Lexus. They include:

Improved fuel economy

Running on low or contaminated oil makes the engine work twice as hard to produce power. Consequently, your fuel efficiency is also affected as your engine burns more gas. Depending on your model, the recommended oil change interval is after every 3,500 to 5,000 miles.

According to the U.S Department of Energy report, routine oil change improves gas mileage by 1-2%. Hence, regular oil changes mean improved fuel efficiency and improved engine performance.

Prevents Engine Wear and Tear

The engine employs many components and systems in constant motion against each one another at high speeds. This creates extremely intense heat friction, which causes wear and tear. However, the oil running through the system helps prevent this heat friction between the moving components. Hence, to maintain engine vitality, regular oil change will help prevent premature breakdown of your Lexus engine and ensure its smooth running.

Protects Against Corrosion

Your engine is prone to attacks from natural elements such as dirt, dust, moisture, salt and other corrosive particles. The oil helps prevent the corrosion of engine components. So, you want to ensure that the oil is in good condition to help tackle corrosion in your engine.

Longer Engine Life

Routine oil changes improve the long-term sustainability of your Lexus engine. Buildup from debris, overheating, and constant friction make the vehicle’s internal components work harder, reducing the vehicle’s lifespan. However, constant oil change reduces friction and improves a vehicle’s lifespan.

Prevents Overheating

Friction caused by scraping together of the engine’s internal components causes overheating of your vehicle engine. Overheating of the motor can cause severe damage to its essential engine components. A routine oil change is paramount to keep your engine running as designed at the proper temperature. The movement of oil around the engine’s components reduces the friction and dissipates heat.

Reduced Emission

Regular oil change also helps reduce your vehicle emission. Running on old or contaminated oil increases toxic emissions. Keeping the car engine clean and free from contaminants ensures less pollution and reduces the carbon emission rate.

Negative Effects of Lack Of Oil Change

A lack of routine oil changes can negatively affect your engine. The impact could be even worse on newer Lexus models, as they feature technological advancements. With technologies like turbocharging, ignoring oil change could prove detrimental to these vehicles.

The constant movement of the internal components of your engine tends to cause frequent friction and overheating. The engine gets overworked and is exposed to contaminants which accelerates its wear. The resultant effect of neglecting a routine oil change is total engine failure.

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