Jaguars are one of the most sophisticated brands on the road, combining reliability, class, and power to create their vehicles. However, a known issue that Jaguar owners experience is self-leveling suspension failure.

The suspension of a vehicle is meant to absorb shock and provide a smooth ride. A self-leveling suspension utilizes sensors and an onboard computer to read the loads and automatically adjusts the height of the car. This suspension system also helps spread out the braking power evenly, making braking more effective.

The self-leveling suspension is a complex system. To keep it working properly and prevent failure it needs to be properly maintained by trained Jaguar experts.

Symptoms of Self Leveling Suspension Failure

When the self-leveling suspension begins to fail, there will be some warning signs. The most common symptoms of failure include:

  • Your Jaguar may be Sitting Lower to the Ground: The self-leveling suspension keeps your car level. If it is not working properly, your Jaguar may sit lower to the ground. You may not notice this issue until you are carrying a heavier load than usual. If the suspension has failed completely, it could sit lower without a heavy load.
  • Trouble Breaking: If you notice that you are having a harder time breaking, this can be due to a failing self-leveling suspension. When the suspension system is working correctly, it is able to distribute the braking power evenly.
  • A Rough Ride: When the self-leveling suspension is not working properly, the car will sit too low to the ground. If you hit a bump or pothole, the impacts will not be absorbed. This will make your ride rough and uncomfortable.

Causes of Self Leveling Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar

The self-leveling suspension system is made of several components. Each part works closely together giving you a smooth ride. These parts require care & routine maintenance.

  • Air Leak: An air leak is the most common cause of self-leveling suspension failure. Air can leak from tears or gaps that form in the connections. You can easily avoid an air leak by staying current on your regular maintenance schedule.
  • Defective Suspension Struts: Struts can easily be damaged during installation or repair. If you have a bad strut, you may notice that one corner of your Jaguar will sit lower than the other corners. A defective strut needs to be replaced right away.
  • Faulty Air Compressor: The air pressure in the self-leveling suspension is controlled by the air compressor. Damage to the air compressor will affect the performance of the suspension system.
  • Bad Relay Circuit: If the relay circuit fails, it will not be able to control the electrical circuits. This will cause the self-leveling suspension to malfunction leading to a rough ride.
  • Screeching Noises: Screeching noises are never a good sign. If you are hearing screeching noises in your Jaguar, they can be coming from the shocks.

Prevention of Self Leveling Suspension Failures

There are a couple of things you can do to help prevent self-leveling suspension failures. These are:

  • Have Frequent Inspections Performed: Bringing your Jaguar in for inspection regularly to prevent any issues. If our mechanics spot any problems, they will let you know immediately so you can get them taken care of.
  • Follow the Maintenance Plan: Regular maintenance is critical for keeping your Jaguar in top running condition. The maintenance plan was designed specifically for your car. Staying current will help prevent future problems and high service bills.

Is it safe to drive with a failing self leveling suspension?

We do not recommend that you continue driving your vehicle with a failing self-leveling suspension. Continuing to drive your Jaguar can lead to additional damage and high service bills. Driving with a bad suspension can also be dangerous since it can make it hard to steer and brake.

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