If you notice that you have an oil leak coming from your Volkswagen engine, it can be quite concerning. Your motor oil is a vital component that is needed to keep your engine functioning properly. The oil needs to be clean and filled to the proper level so that none of the components of the engine experience friction. Friction damages the parts and causes excess heat which can lead to engine failure and hefty service bills.

If you see a leak under the front of your car, you can easily tell if you have an oil leak because of its color. Engine oil can easily be distinguished from other fluids because it is yellowish or amber in color. Other fluids usually have a more vibrant color like fluorescent green. If you are experiencing an engine oil leak it is important that you hire a mechanic that has the expertise needed to work on your Volkswagen.

Common Causes of an Oil Leak

There are several common issues that can result in an oil leak in your Volkswagen. It is important that if you notice an oil leak you have it checked out immediately. Allowing this issue to go can lead to additional problems and serious damage to your engine. Here are a few areas that should be checked out:

Oil Filter

As oil filters age they can become worn out. They also clog from dirt and debris and need to be replaced. Having an oil filter in your car that is no longer functioning properly and is unable to filter the oil can cause an oil leak.

Drain Plug

If you notice a leak right after you had your car serviced it could be coming from the drain plug. This is the most common cause of a leak after being improperly serviced. Drain plugs can become loose if they haven’t been tightened correctly. This shouldn’t happen and is a critical oversight by the technician. A worn plug can also cause a leak, and it should have been replaced during the oil change.

Filler Cap

After having your oil changed the technician could also forget to tighten the filler cap. This is a common issue and can cause major oil leaks that spill out and run down the engine. This can cause serious damage.

Valve Gasket Seal

As the valve gasket seals age, they begin to wear due to the heat that is produced by the engine. The valve gasket seal is very important due to the fact that it is responsible for keeping the oil confined within the system. If your Volkswagen has high mileage, you are at a higher risk for these seals failing.

Preventing Oil Leaks

Proper maintenance is the key to preventing oil leaks. It is important that you follow the recommended servicing schedule to keep your Volkswagen in good running order. The most important thing that you can do to prevent oil leaks is to change your oil and oil filter on a regular basis.

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