Keeping your car up to date is the best way to ensure the reliability you have come to love in your Mini. There are a number of parts under the hood, and all of them can have problems emerge.

Unfortunately, many of these problems can compound and become worse if they are not attended to by a professional. It’s important to take your vehicle in right away after noticing some of the common signs that something has gone wrong under the hood.

Problems with the alternator of your vehicle should be fixed right away, as this is an example of a component of your car that can have serious implications if not maintained. Specifically, it’s important to understand what exactly the alternator does so that you can begin to understand the importance of taking it to be fixed immediately when problems occur in your Mini.

What does the alternator do?

The alternator is the unspoken hero of your vehicle. Without your alternator, your Mini would not be able to drive for very long after you turn it on.

In short, the alternator performs the functions that most people assume belong to the battery. The battery of your vehicle is actually really only responsible for operating a small number of electric components under the hood.

Your alternator takes over the minute your car starts up. If it did not, your car would die rather quickly and you would be stuck in the road. The amount of electricity required by the various components under the hood is a hefty amount, and if it was all on the battery to provide it, then it would die extremely quickly.

Fortunately, the alternator kicks in and actually recharges the battery while you drive. It also powers some of the more serious electrical components of your Mini. This is why, when you accidentally leave your headlights on overnight, you may come to your car and discover your battery is dead. Without the alternator charging it, your battery will be sucked dry and not have power restored.

When your alternator is having problems, it’s important that you take it in to be fixed right away. Not doing so may cause your battery to die, and then you really won’t be able to drive at all. If your alternator is acting up, it’s always best to take the time to get it fixed before it becomes a bigger problem and a larger headache.

Signs Your Alternator Needs Replacing

Given the importance of the alternator, there are a few signs to watch for that will indicate when something may be going wrong under the hood.

  • Weak or Dead Battery: As discussed, the alternator recharges your battery every time you drive your car. It is possible for your battery to die naturally over time, given that it can only be recharged so many times. However, if your alternator is bad, you may notice that a fresh battery in your car is being depleted. If you suspect this, test your battery or use your digital dashboard to see its current level.
  • Flickering Electronics: Alternator problems will be readily visible by flickering electronics. If the digital dashboard on your vehicle seems to be having electrical issues or if you notice your headlights flickering on the road, a failing alternator may be responsible. The alternator keeps these important electronics functioning, so watch out for any problems before they become worse.
  • Trouble Starting Your Car: You may notice that problems begin to develop with starting your car as the alternator dies. This is due to the fact that your battery may not have enough stored power to turn over the engine and get the vehicle started. As with a consistently dead battery, test it first, and see if it is a simple battery fix or something worse.

World Class Auto Repairs For Your Mini Needs

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Alternators can be tricky to fix, but our experienced technicians have worked with clients from all around Boca Raton, FL, which means we can handle anything brought to our garage doors.

Please give us a call or visit us today to make an appointment so that we may handle your problem in a professional manner. We look forward to earning your trust and business.


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