Despite the strength and beauty of the Lexus car, it experiences common technical faults, one of which is the bad spark plug or spark plug failure. Spark plugs are small metal components found in the engine of your Lexus which create currents that ignite the fuel mixture (air and fuel) required by the car engine to function. In other words, the spark plugs start the car engine by igniting its fuel.

When a problem occurs with the spark plugs, it could be very dangerous to the car that most times, it would directly affect its overall function. This is why the spark plugs need to remain in good condition with no harm to their parts.

Causes of Bad Spark Plugs

  • Wrong Fuel: Fuel is considered of poor quality when it contains contaminants that are dangerous to your car parts. When fuel that contains unhealthy elements goes into the spark plugs, it causes wear that triggers sparks in the engine. As these sparks are not commanded by you (when you drive), they could be dangerous to the performance of the engine.
  • Overheating: When the engine experiences pre-ignition, where the engine starts to heat up even before it is ignited, there could be damage to the spark plugs. When the plugs are exposed to excess heat, their tips begin to wear out and their capacity
  • Overly Used Spark Plugs: Like other parts of your car, the spark plugs also have a lifespan. When you have used the same spark plugs for a long time without replacing them, they could cause even more damage not only to the plugs but also to the car engine. Do not ignore the spark plugs in your car. When you notice some wear or reduction in how they function, it is time to replace them.
  • Air/Fuel Imbalance: When your car has too much fuel or/ and air, or an imbalanced combination of both, it could affect the electrodes in the spark plugs as too much pressure is applied on them.

Signs of Bad Spark Plugs in Your Lexus

  • Misfiring: This is the first and most common effect of bad spark plugs that you would notice in your car. When you start your car and have to endure stumbling or tripping from the car engine at intervals, it could be a function of bad spark plugs. The tips of the plugs probably have contact with broken wires or wrong connections and so, cause the engine to malfunction in that manner.
  • Increased Fuel Consumption: When your car starts to consume more fuel than usual, the engine might be suffering from the effects of bad spark plugs. This is another common sign of bad spark plugs in the car engine. It happens as a result of wrongly-spaced electrodes in the spark plugs (either too close or too far apart) or even completely worn-out spark plugs.
  • Slow or Hesitated Acceleration: This is used to describe how your car is resistant or slow to move when you ignite the engine. If while you are trying to start your car or increase speed while driving, it hesitates or moves slowly, there could be a fault with the spark plugs.
  • Foul Smell: If you notice a foul smell from your car exhaust, it could be a function of bad spark plugs. These spark plugs give that bad odor when raw fuel has leaked through them or incomplete combustion has taken place in the engine.

How to Fix Bad Spark Plugs

Usually, fixing this issue in a Lexus requires Lexus Spark Plug Checkeither complete replacement of the spark plugs or adjustments of its electrode spacing. These can only be done by a technician as mishandling or wrong handling of this issue could lead to other failures of your car parts.

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