High performance vehicles require all the components in their engines to function fully in order to give you the ride you paid for. The Porsche is among such models that require absolute precision in every part to ensure that the full performance potential is reached. Faults that would be considered small in other vehicle models can seriously impair the performance of a Porsche, or worse still cause irreparable damage to the engine of the car. One such component that can cause a lot of trouble in the Porsche is the air-oil separator.

What is the Air-Oil Separator?

The air-oil separator is a device that is located between the vacuum source and the crankcase within the PCV system. The PCV system is responsible for taking air pressure out of the crankcase before it is taken back into the engine through the intake charge. In the process of taking the air pressure from the crankcase, it is passed through the air oil separator.

The air-oil separator plays the important role of separating moisture and oil from the air before it is reintroduced into the engine. The mixture is run through the air-oil separator, in which it goes through a separating mechanism that leaves the oil at the bottom of the separator, from which it is drained into the oil pan. The clean air that is separated from this process rises and is directed into the engine again.

Effects of a Faulty Air-Oil Separator

The Porsche has a direct fuel-injected engine that requires the air to oil ratio to be regulated, as the combination of these two compounds affect the efficiency of the engine. A problem in the air-oil separator will have several effects on your car. These effects include oil leaking from the engine of your car. This leaking oil will cause dark smoke to be produced from the exhaust of your car. This dark smoke is as a direct result of the carbon building up from premature combustion of the impure oil.

In addition, the check engine light on the dashboard of your Porsche will also come on, signaling a problem in the engine. This is because the supply of air into the engine will be affected by the oil vapor that gets deposited in the passages through which the blow-by air should flow right back into the engine. These deposits in the pipes limit the amount of air getting into the combustion chamber, thereby affecting the overall functions of the engine.

Maintaining the Air-Oil Separator

While the role of the air-oil separator is important, it is easy to overlook it until it stops working. It therefore adds up that one of the most important tips Porsche Air-Oil Separator Checkwhen it comes to ensuring that the air-oil separator in your Porsche remains in good shape is to take your car in for regular checkup and servicing. Regular servicing and cleaning out of different engine parts will prolong the lifespan of the air-oil separator, as well as ensure that any early warning signs of failure are caught in time.

Another tip that will ensure that your Porsche avoids air-oil separator troubles is using OEM approved parts. If you end up having to replace your air-oil separator or any of the attached parts, you should insist only on quality parts. Having substandard parts installed in your car will not only cost even more in repairs, but can also cause damage to your engine, rendering your car unsafe to drive.

In addition, you should only get your car’s services and repairs from a certified, reputable technician that understands the unique challenges that can come up in the process of repairing your Porsche. Certified technicians have valuable information on the types of air-oil separators that will be compatible to your specific model while still retaining the manufacturer’s standard.

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