On a car as impressive as Bentley, proper maintenance is key to keeping the various components in working order. Without this care, a number of problems can go wrong under the hood.

Even things that seem like small problems can become exponentially worse if allowed to deteriorate. To that end, address all issues that arise with your Bentley right away and only trust a professional to handle repairs.

Problems that arise with the blower fan in your Bentley may not seem serious, but they can become troublesome if left unattended. Additionally, the reason behind your blower fan not working could be a serious issue in and of itself.

What does the blower fan do?

The blower fan is a component of your vehicle that is not often discussed by the vehicle owner. This piece is a part of the HVAC system in your Bentley that provides you with cold and hot air. The system itself is responsible for heating or cooling the air, but the blower fan forces it through the duct system and out into your vehicle.

This piece is connected to the electrical system of your vehicle and responds whenever you need the fan speed to increase or decrease. Without a working blower fan, your vehicle will not cool or warm you. This may seem like a minor inconvenience but on a hot or cold day, this problem may be extremely annoying.

Additionally, the HVAC system in your car is a part of the electrical system controlled by the alternator. If the blower fan is not working, it could be indicative of a larger problem under the hood, such as issues with the battery, alternator, or a disconnect between electronic components. Any disconnect can be a serious issue and the electrical system of your car is extremely important to your vehicle as a whole.

Keep your car functioning properly by ensuring the blower fan is working as it should. If you suspect that this system is having problems, it’s always a smart idea to take your vehicle into the shop right away. Not doing so may actually be detrimental to your Bentley if the problem is being caused by a deeper electrical problem within your vehicle.

Signs of a Faulty Blower Fan

With all of the above in mind, learning some of the common signs of a faulty blower fan can help you identify the problem early so you can bring your Bently into a professional before the problem becomes worse.

Additionally, the HVAC system can be finicky to repair, which means that it’s best to tackle the problem before it worsens. Here are a few common signs of issues with the blower fan:

Reduced Fan Speed

One of the more obvious signs of problems with the blower fan is if your fan speed has decreased substantially. Try to play with the speed at which you want your car’s fan to blow and see if it responds accordingly. If it does not, there may be a problem with the blower fan that needs to be diagnosed and repaired.

Blown Fuses

As this is a part of the larger electrical system under the hood, a blown fuse would certainly cause a problem with the blower fan. Check under the hood or take notice of any additional electrical problems that seem to develop.

Fan Only Blows at Certain Speeds

If the blower fan only seems to work at a few speeds, it could be indicative of electrical issues and should be dealt with quickly.

World Class Auto Repairs Can Help

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