When it comes to ensuring the powerful performance you have come to respect and love in your Mercedes, it is important to keep your car maintained. Not doing so can result in some more problematic issues over time that are more difficult to fix. A number of parts work in conjunction to provide your vehicle with power and movement, so if any of these parts malfunction, it can result in an inferior performance of your Mercedes.

Within the transmission system, the differential is an important component that keeps your Mercedes running smoothly. There are problems that can arise with this part, so keeping your eye on some of the warning signs for a failing differential is a great way to stay on top of the issue. Never try to fix a failing differential yourself. This could result in transmission catastrophes. Always trust a certified Mercedes repair shop.

The Purpose of the Differential

To understand the importance of a differential, it’s best to look at an example of when it is primarily used. Going around a corner means the outside wheel needs to move faster than the inside wheel to make the corner properly. The differential allows this to occur by transmitting the right amount of torque to the wheels.

Put simply, the differential is responsible for splitting engine torque two ways in the transmission system. This allows your car to turn corners and move by working in conjunction with the transmission.

As a whole, the differential drives a pair of wheels and allows them to rotate at different speeds. In some all-wheel-drive models, there is a second differential for the back two wheels as well.

An open differential is the most common design for most vehicles and uses a powered pinion gear at the end of the driveshaft to transmit power to both axles using other gears.

The second form of a differential is a limited-slip which uses an integrated clutch system instead. While similar to an open differential, this system will lock the left and right axles when traction is lost on a vehicle. For that reason, standard cars typically do not use it, and it is favored more by trucks that are towing a large amount of weight.

Finally, the torque-vectoring differential uses a number of sensors to gather information about the road, throttle performance, steering system, and much more to give power to each wheel accordingly. This helps to provide the highest level of performance possible with accurate measurements and proper dispersion of power.

Signs of a Failed Differential

A failed differential can make turning and driving in general difficult and dangerous. Spotting some of the typical warning signs of a failing differential should be a strong reason to take your Mercedes in for maintenance right away.

Difficulty Steering

Given that the differential works directly with your wheels and handles the torque they are given, going around a corner may prove extremely difficult if your differential is beginning to fail. Even simple steering may seem difficult and labored. If this is the case and there is nothing wrong with your tires, it is possibly the differential.

Inexplicable Wear and Tear on Your Tires

When your tires are moving as they should be, there is natural wear and tear to be expected. However, if you notice that your tires are substantially more worn than expected, it is entirely possible that your differential is beginning to fail.

Grinding of Gears or a Howling Noise

You may not have a rear differential, but all Mercedes have at least a front differential. If you hear the sound of gears grinding or howling noises when making a turn or even driving normally, it’s best to consider driving your car to a shop immediately.

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