The Maserati brand is famous worldwide for its Italian style and powerful engine. This brand provides us with a captivating blend of elegance and a throaty engine sound. Like every other automobile, Maserati vehicles need proper servicing and regular maintenance to preserve their qualities and capabilities. One component that can cause problems is the knock sensor.

The Purpose of The Knock Sensor

The knock sensor in an engine is used to transmit signals to the engine-control computer when an action is detected, thus attempting to prevent a detonation. In other words, the knock sensor is like a microphone installed in the engine to monitor any strange noises. It is frequently fastened to the cylinder block wall’s center. The knock sensor can also be found on the cylinder head in some automobiles.

The knock sensor’s location depends on how efficiently it detects engine noise. Since it resembles a spark plug but is smaller, the knock sensor sometimes could be mistaken for one. This sensor has a threaded component on one end which is utilized to bolt the device to the engine, and a small pin projection on the other end. The knock sensor’s center houses the majority of its components.

How the Knock Sensor Works

The knock sensor catches the sound of pre-ignition and transmits the information to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) when it detects even the tiniest unusual noise in the engine. This “ping” or “knock” sound occurs when the mixture of air and gas is burned unevenly or too quickly.

The knocking of the engine might also be caused by incorrect timing. The knock sensor is installed to address these difficulties. This sensor is often attached to the engine block through a threaded edge that is screwed directly into the block and wired to the ECM. When the sensor detects banging or pinging, it sends a signal to the ECM, which delays the engine spark timing by two degrees at a time until the problem is resolved.

The microphone on the sensor is so sensitive that it picks up knocking even when the human ear can’t hear it. This knock sensor will detect the tiniest ping while the engine runs at peak speed. Most high class vehicles have a knock sensor these days because turbocharged high-performance engines are prone to pre-ignition difficulties.

Considering the importance of the knock sensor, it should be checked and repaired on time to avoid any further engine damage.

Causes and Symptoms of Knock Sensor Failure

Various reasons can cause a knock sensor failure like internal short-circuiting, breaks in the wiring which then leads to wiring short circuit, mechanical damage, and incorrect mounting. Moreover, corrosion can also result in knock sensor failure. Thus, it would be best to detect the signs of knock sensor dysfunction and get it replaced by technicians.

A malfunctioning sensor can reflect itself in many ways through fault detection by the control unit and the consequent emergency program approach. You should look out for symptoms to prevent severe damage to your Maserati engine. It would be better for the car’s health if you do not avoid signs like turning on the check engine light, a reduction in engine power, and increasing fuel consumption. You should seek professional advice and inspection once you notice any such signs.

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