The suspension in your Volkswagen dampens the jarring motions when driving. It also maintains all four wheels evenly on the road. Your VW’s suspension is made up of dual parts: the rear and front suspension, which span the entire length of the vehicle.

Springs are needed to ensure your wheels and vehicle are level when driving and can be present in the two parts of the suspension. They work in tandem with the vehicle’s shock absorbers to cushion the impact from rough road surfaces by expanding over depressions and compressing over elevated sections, like speed bumps.

Springs are critical to keeping your vehicle roadworthy and safe. Your Volkswagen would very likely become much more difficult to manage and unsteady if the springs are not working properly. Let’s look at the reasons for rear springs breakage, the common signs associated with it, and what can be done to prevent them.

What causes rear springs to break?

In the event of experiencing any type of car part failure, the first thing to consider is the reason the part failed. This can assist you in avoiding the situation completely, which is the most preferable option.

We use the word “broken” in this article; however, since the suspension springs are made of reinforced metal, it is rare for them to snap physically, but it is not impossible.

Suspension springs should, in theory, last the life of your Volkswagen. Nonetheless, a multitude of circumstances can cause them to seize or wear out prematurely. Accelerated wear and corrosion are common side effects of driving through water and dirt. Excessive loads might also put undue strain on your springs.

Signs of Broken Rear Springs

  • Slacking: The essential components that make sure your Volkswagen is sitting level are the springs. As a result, if your car rides higher in the back than in the front, the springs are likely to be significantly damaged. This problem will most likely be minor when you notice it at first, but it will grow as time goes on, as the springs weaken. If one of the springs breaks, your VW may tilt towards one side. You may have to exert more effort while driving to rectify it, which might cause distraction behind the wheel.
  • Wear on the tires: The condition of your suspension can be determined by looking at the tires. Tire-wear that is uneven that isn’t the result of underinflation or overinflation generally indicates a suspension problem. A misalignment of your springs can cause this. Because bad springs can generally make your tires wear down more quickly, it’s ideal to get the springs replaced as soon as possible to avoid needing to pay for both a new set of tires and a pair of springs.
  • Disturbances: When something is wrong with the rear suspension, it makes a lot of noise. Rear bushings that are damaged, as well as spring damage, can cause loud noises from your suspension. When traversing road surfaces that aren’t even, you may hear clunking noises.
  • A springy suspension: While a small bounce is necessary for suspension systems to absorb shock and create a more enjoyable car ride, if your car feels like it’s on a pogo stick, you almost surely have spring issues. If the bounciness appears to be concentrated at the rear end, the problem is most likely with your rear suspension.
  • Switching: The springs keep your VW on a level surface. The springs might cause your car to sway if they begin to break or begin to wear out. This happens most frequently and most concerningly when taking tight turns. This creates a concerning driving experience.

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Remember that the best thing to do in the event of a part failure is to perform preventative maintenance and servicing. This will help to prevent the failure from occurring at all. So, if you don’t want to have to experience an unexpected part failure again, give our customer service staff a call immediately to schedule a thorough examination by our master mechanics.


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