Volvos are known for being some of the safest, most reliable vehicles around, and a large part of that reputation stems from the excellent suspension systems. Although your Volvo’s suspension system may be high-quality, it can fall prey to wear and tear.

Because your Volvo’s suspension system is such an important part of its smooth functioning, it is vital that you know how to identify and fix any suspension issues that arise. Below are some tips from our experts at World Class Auto Repairs.

Common Causes of Suspension Issues

There are several factors that can cause problems with your Volvo’s suspension system, perhaps the most common of which is poor road conditions. Although your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to respond to the occasional bump in the road, excessive exposure to potholes, dips, and debris can put considerable amounts of stress on the system. Over time, this will cause the system to wear down and break, rendering it incapable of handling even normal road conditions.

Similarly, prolonged exposure to moisture can also damage the suspension system. Not only can this cause the metal components of the system to rust, but it can also wash away the lubricants that grease the system, forcing the components to scrape and grind against each other.

Because of the above, you should be careful to never drive your vehicle through high water and should try to avoid damp driving conditions whenever possible. Additionally, you should always remember to bring your vehicle in for scheduled service appointments so that the mechanic can replace any suspension system lubricant that has been washed away.

Identifying Suspension System Problems

Fortunately, because your Volvo’s suspension system is so vital to its functioning, it is fairly easy to tell when the system is malfunctioning. Often, the first symptom of suspension problems is rough riding. More specifically, if your vehicle’s suspension is failing, you will likely be able to feel every bump in the road. Not only is this irritating, but it can be damaging to your vehicle in its own right, as it will put additional pressure on the already-stressed suspension.

Another common symptom of suspension system issues is one corner of the vehicle sitting lower than the others. Typically, the entire suspension system does not fail all at once. Instead, it declines more quickly in one corner of the vehicle than it does in the others. This will often be accompanied by uneven wear on your Volvo’s tires, as the drooping in the corner of the vehicle will put increased pressure on the correlated tire. If you notice either of these symptoms, either alone or in conjunction, then you should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible, as it is likely facing a severe suspension issue such as a broken spring.

A third and final symptom of suspension system problems is difficulty steering, especially while going around turns. In addition to keeping your vehicle steady when going over bumps, the suspension is also responsible for helping your vehicle turn smoothly, and if this component fails, then your vehicle may begin to drive while turning. Alternatively, you might also find it difficult to keep the steering wheel straight when traveling slowly. Both of these problems can be quite severe and should thus be addressed immediately if they come up.

Solving the Situation

As you may know, your Volvo’s suspension system is made up of many complex moving parts. Accordingly, it is far too finicky to be fixed at home. Attempting to do so will likely only make the problem worse. The best way to handle suspension issues in your Volvo is by bringing your vehicle to a professional Volvo repair shop as soon as possible.

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