The good thing about modern vehicles is that they alert the driver whenever something has gone wrong in your car. In your Volvo, the illumination of the no-oil warning light indicates that you should check the oil pressure.

The no-oil pressure warning light is located on the dashboard of your Volvo. If the engine in your Volvo runs out of oil, the oil pressure will drop, and the no-oil pressure warning light will become illuminated. When the warning light comes on, bring your car to a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to check your oil levels and make replacements of your necessary fluids.

Causes of Illumination of No-Oil Pressure Warning Light

There are several reasons why the low oil pressure warning light becomes illuminated in your Volvo. The most common of these reasons are listed below:

  • Damaged sensors: Your Volvo is the hub of sensors, and the oil pressure sensor is one of them. If the oil pressure sensor becomes damaged and unable to detect oil pressure in your Volvo, then the electronic system will read the message as “no oil.” The sensors will have to be replaced immediately by a Volvo specialist.
  • Failing oil pump: The oil pump in your Volvo becomes damaged over time, and this happens due to natural wear or tear. Sometimes, the oil pump might fail due to the accumulation of dirt at one of its openings. When the oil pump starts failing, the no-oil pressure warning light will come on to alert you. The usual solution to a damaged oil pump is complete replacement.
  • Blocked oil filter: Accumulation of dirt and sludge in the oil blocks the holes in the oil filter and prevents oil circulation around the engine. A blocked oil filter will cause the no-oil pressure warning light to come on. The simple solution is to have the filter cleaned or completely changed.
  • Oil leaks: Sometimes, the oil will leak out due to damage to the oil tank through wear, tear, or heat from the engine. When the oil starts leaking, your Volvo will run out of oil faster than normal and cause the no-oil pressure warning light to come on. Another sign for oil leaks is that you will find oil puddles underneath your car after parking.
  • Wrong oil type: Every new Volvo comes with an owner’s manual with specific guidelines on the type of oil to use. If you put another type of oil in the oil system, especially an oil type of low viscosity, your Volvo will not recognize it. Hence, adhere to the oil recommendations in the owner’s manual of your car or ask an expert to recommend a good product for you.
  • Contaminated oil: Drivers don’t know that their car’s oil gets contaminated over time through dirt from the external environment. Also, when the oil in your Volvo ages, it turns into a thick and dark substance called sludge. When oil becomes like sludge, it will become static and no longer do its job of lubrication. Your vehicle will read that as “no oil” and the oil pressure warning light will illuminate.

Dirt from the external environment can get into the oil tank in the engine as you drive. When this dirt accumulates, the lubrication capacity of the oil might reduce. Hence, the oil pressure warning light will become illuminated. The simple solution to contaminated oil is having the oil system cleaned and flushed by a technician.

Visit World Class Auto Repairs to Fix any Fault in Your Volvo

Oil refilling and changing should be an integral part of Volvo Oil Filter Check your maintenance routine. You don’t have to wait for the warning light to remind you before you check the engine oil level of your car. Sometimes, it might be too late and you will need to call a Volvo specialist to fix the problem. However, if you live in and around Boca Raton, FL, World Class Auto Repairs is the reliable auto repair shop you need.

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