Your BMW is designed to run smoothly without much in the way of repairs. Routine maintenance and servicing on schedule should catch any problems before they become major inconveniences in need of costly repairs.

It is important to know your BMW and pay attention to how it feels when driving, when idle, and upon acceleration. Being aware of your car will alert you to any issues so you can have them checked out right away.

The PCV valve in your BMW is designed to remove toxic gases from your emissions and keep them out of the engine, where they could damage other parts. It controls “blow-by” gases. Since it’s not a component often discussed, we’ve put together some information so you can easily identify symptoms of a problem. Catching it early on will prevent engine problems in the future.

PCV Valve 101

Your BMW’s PCV valve is the Positive Crankshaft Ventilation valve. This small valve catches the most toxic gases that escape during combustion and ventilates them properly so they cannot condense into oil vapor and damage other components. It prevents oil contamination by stopping the creation of leaks and sludge buildup, and the valve can prevent excessive fuel consumption. This important valve ensures that other engine-damaging problems don’t occur, unless it malfunctions.

If your PCV valve fails, your BMW will experience more serious issues that will cost you more money than simply fixing the valve. This is why it’s important to recognize the symptoms of a failing PCV valve so it can be replaced early on.

These are the most common symptoms you will notice if your PCV valve is failing:

  • engine misfires when you are idle
  • rough engine idle
  • hard starts due to spark plug damage
  • Increased oil consumption

Stuck in the Open or Closed Position

The PCV valve can become clogged or stuck open or closed. If the valve is clogged with debris or breaks and remains closed, this is a major problem for your engine. It can cause backup pressure and other issues. Because the valve is closed, the blowby gases will condense and begin to create oil vapor which turns gummy and thick. This is not good for parts that are designed to slide smoothly over one another.

There is a hose that connects to the PCV valve. If this becomes dislodged or disconnected, the valve cannot perform its function properly, as the blow-by gases will not be handled properly. This hose can be replaced at a trusted BMW service cancer.

Results of PCV Valve Problems

As a result of an open or closed stuck PCV valve, sludge and carbon can build up in the engine, causing it to run rough. You can also experience problems such as misfires. The mixture of air and fuel is very specific for your BMW, and without the proper ratio, it can cost you more at the gas pump, as it adds more fuel to the mixture than necessary. Running rich like this can also damage your engine over time.

You may also notice acceleration problems when you need horsepower on demand. It can become dangerous if your engine is not performing when you need to merge onto a highway or accelerate while turning across busy oncoming traffic.

If you notice the engine is running rough when you are idle at a traffic light, or if you notice an increase in oil consumption, you should call to make an appointment with your mechanic to check out your valve. Your engine warning indicator on your dashboard will also illuminate, alerting you that there is a problem that needs professional attention.

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