BMW is one of the most popular and revered European manufacturers. The brand has become a symbol for high-quality performance and interior comforts. However, they are known for their specific service requirements and failing electronic components.

BMW has continued to introduce new technologies which require several electronic systems to function properly. When some of these components fail, it affects the overall performance of your vehicle. There are several electronic issues your BMW can encounter. Let’s look at various electrical issues a BMW can have and how to deal with them.

Dead Battery

Your car battery is crucial for the effective functioning of all the electrical components in your vehicle. Most times, the failure of the battery is usually caused by driver error. When the driver erroneously leaves lights or other power-draining accessories on, it drains the charge in the battery, causing it to die.

Old age can also cause your battery to develop faults. The constant usage of the battery over the years will ultimately cause the wear and tear of the battery and its subsequent failure. When this happens, you would need to replace the battery. Poor maintenance may also cause the battery’s accelerated wear, resulting in the need for a replacement sooner than usual.

Damaged Cables

Your cables transfer electrical powers through your vehicle and ensure the effective operation of all electrical components. This is another issue that most BMW owners encounter. BMW has also had to recall some of their vehicles because of failing cables.

The cables are responsible for conveying electrical power to electrical components that require it to function. So, some electrical components will cease to function when these cables are damaged.

Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is responsible for sending electrical power to the spark plugs in the engine, allowing the car to start. The vehicle will not start even if you have a full tank and adequately charged battery if it fails. The ignition switch can fail for various reasons, including temperature problems, broken springs, worn ignition switch contact, etc. When the ignition switch fails, attempting to start the car continually will cause flooding of the engine. Hence, it is wise to get the car towed to an expert workshop for repair.

Faulty Fuses

When there is a surge of electrical current that could damage electrical components, your fuse blows out to prevent the destruction of those components. The blowout of the fuse saves you from costly electrical repairs that could have resulted from the electrical surge.

Loss of Power

Low power output isn’t always a result of a fault with the battery. It can also happen when the terminals and cord connector corrode due to exposure to moisture or road debris. This results in an unreliable connection which causes power loss. Cleaning the battery terminal or changing the connectors will fix the problem.

Electrical issues can be frustrating and most times require an experienced technician to have the problem rectified. Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance and recommended service program will go a long way in helping you detect problems in their early stage before it becomes fully blown.

World Class Auto Repairs: Boca Raton’s Leaders In European Auto Repair

Most of the electronic issues you may encounter with your BMW will require the service of an experienced professional. You don’t BMW Fuse Check want to entrust the repair to an inexperienced mechanic who can leave your car worse than it was. This is why it’s important to always choose a repair specialist who is certified in your make and model.

At World Class Auto Repairs, we believe that maintaining your vehicle shouldn’t be much of a hassle. We help drivers throughout Boca Raton, FL take better care of their European vehicles, including your BMW, without the dealership’s high costs and long wait time. Our ASE-certified technicians employ the latest factory-grade tools and equipment available to provide the highest quality service and repairs.

If your European vehicle is due for service or you need lingering repairs taken care of, we’re always available to help. Please call or visit our shop today to learn more or schedule your car’s next service appointment.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: D. Lentz.


We’re here to help drivers all throughout the Boca Raton area take better care of their vehicles. Please call or visit our shop today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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