Classic cars are treasured for their unique design and vintage appeal. However, with age, the interior of a classic car can become worn out and in need of restoration. Restoring the interior of a classic car is a meticulous process that requires the expertise of professionals. In this article, we will explore some tips on how to have the interior of your classic car restored at a garage.

Research and Choose a Reputable Garage

The first step in having your classic car’s interior restored is to research and choose a reputable garage. You should look for a garage that specializes in classic car restorations and has a track record of restoring cars to their original condition. You can start by checking online reviews or asking for referrals from other classic car enthusiasts.

It is essential to visit the garage and assess their facilities and expertise. You should ask the garage about their restoration process, the materials and tools they use, and their experience in restoring classic cars. You should also ask for a portfolio of their previous restorations to gauge their quality of work.

Discuss Your Vision

Once you have chosen a garage, the next step is to discuss your vision for the restoration. You should explain to the garage what you want to achieve and any specific requirements or preferences you have. It is essential to communicate your vision clearly to ensure the garage can deliver the desired results.

During the discussion, the garage should assess the interior of your car and identify any parts that need replacement or repair. They should also advise you on the best materials and products to use for the restoration. The garage should provide you with an estimate of the cost and time required to complete the restoration.

Remove the Interior

The next step is to remove the interior of the car. The garage will remove the seats, carpets, door panels, headliners, and any other materials in the car’s interior. They will carefully label and document each part to ensure they can be reassembled correctly.

Removing the interior is a crucial step in the restoration process as it helps assess the condition of the interior materials and identify any hidden problems. The garage should take pictures of the car’s interior to document the original condition of the car.

Clean and Repair the Interior

After removing the interior, the garage will clean and repair the interior. They will remove any dirt, dust, and debris that may have accumulated over time. They will also assess the interior materials for any signs of wear and tear and repair or replace them as needed.

If the car’s interior has leather seats, the garage will repair the leather using a leather repair kit. If the car’s interior has cloth seats, the garage will replace the seat covers with new ones. The garage will also repair or replace any damaged carpets, door panels, and headliners.

Refinish the Interior

Refinishing the interior involves repainting, polishing, or rechroming any parts that may have become faded or rusted over time. The garage will restore the car’s original beauty and shine by refinishing the interior.

If the car’s interior has chrome parts, the garage will rechrome them to restore their shine. They will also polish any wood or metal parts and repaint any parts that need painting. Refinishing the interior is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and expertise.

Reassemble the Interior

Once all the restoration steps are complete, the garage will reassemble the interior of the car. They will put back all the interior parts, including the seats, carpets, door panels, headliners, and any other materials.

Reassembling the interior requires precision and attention to detail to ensure all the parts fit correctly. The garage should also test all the interior components, such as the windows, doors, and air conditioning, to ensure they are working correctly.


After the restoration, the garage will advise you on how to maintain the interior of your car to keep it in good condition. They will recommend the best cleaning products and practices to use and advise you on how often to clean and maintain the interior.

It is essential to follow the recommended maintenance practices to ensure the interior of your car remains in good condition for a long time. Regular maintenance can help prevent wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of the interior materials.

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