Land Rovers are high-performance luxury vehicles renowned globally for their exceptional performance standards, smooth handling, quality, and flawless designs, but one issue that plagues Land Rover models is fuel tank shield rusting or corrosion.

Fuel tank shield rusting is a very serious issue, as it is detrimental to your safety and that of your Land Rover. It also can compromise its performance. To help paint a clearer picture of this issue, let’s analyze how important the fuel shield is to the vehicle’s performance and the possible causes of rusting.

The Role of the Fuel Tank Shield in Your Land Rover

The fuel tank shield, which is also known as the fuel tank skid, is a durable sheet of metal that shields the fuel tank of your vehicle to protect it from any external damage. The fuel tank shield prevents road debris from hitting the fuel tank while you are driving through off-road terrain. It withstands every impact intended for the fuel tank, thereby securing you and your vehicle’s safety. It might be merely a sheet of metal, but its role is very essential to the proper functioning and high-performance standards of your Land Rover.

Considering the importance of this component to your vehicle, it must be properly taken care of to prevent any complications of the safety and performance of your vehicle. One way to achieve this is by maintaining a routine maintenance schedule with a reliable Land Rover certified specialist. This will ensure that your vehicle performs optimally.

Possible Causes of Fuel Tank Shield Rusting

The fuel tank shield, like any other component of your Land Rover, is prone to wear over time. Keeping it in excellent shape is critical optimizing your vehicle’s operating systems. Here are a few possible causes of rust on your Land Rover’s fuel tank shield:

Driving Through Off-Road Terrain

If you use your Land Rover extensively, the fuel tank shield may corrode or rust. When you take your Land Rover out severe off-road tours, you expose it to a variety of environmental elements such as rough rocks, shallow water, or muddy tracks. All of these will have an impact on the fuel tank shield of your vehicle.

For example, if you’ve recently returned from a drive along muddy roads and discovered mud underneath and on the sides of your Land Rover, you must wash this off soon. If any rocks damaged the protective coating of your fuel tank shield, it is now exposed to oxygen. Because mud takes longer to dry than water, it can cause the fuel tank shield underneath to begin to rust.

Driving Over Water

Another possible cause of a rusting fuel tank shield is careless driving through water. It is hard to manage the quantity of water that enters underneath your Land Rover when driving through off-road terrain. If the water finds a favorable spot to pool, such as within the fuel tank shield, it will gradually corrode the fuel tank shield. Heat will hasten the rusting process, since the characteristics in the water become more active when heated.

Driving Over Salt-Covered Roads

Roads in many regions of the country are salted for many months of the year to make them safe to drive on during winter. Driving over salt-covered roads may be very detrimental to the undercarriage of your Land Rover. Many Land Rover owners in New England find their fuel tank shield is already rusting within 2 to 3 years of purchasing their vehicles. If you live in a region where this is a typical part of life, you can take extra precautions to slow down the process. Speak to our specialists about protecting your Land Rover from road salt.

Dealing with a Rusted Fuel Tank Shield

If you notice that the fuel tank shield of your Land Rover is rusting or is completely rusted, don’t hesitate Land Rover Fuel Tank Shield Rusting Check to bring it to a Land Rover specialist to have your vehicle inspected and serviced. World Class Auto Repairs is the best choice for you if you reside in Boca Raton, FL and its surrounding areas. Our team of mechanics is ASE-certified, well-trained, and highly experienced in handling Land Rovers.

We are conveniently located in Boca Raton, FL, and we have serviced Land Rover drivers in surrounding areas like Delray Beach, Mission Bay, Sandalfoot Cove, and West Boca Raton. Please contact or visit World Class Auto Repairs if your vehicle requires repairs or if you would like to book a routine maintenance appointment with one of our experts!

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